Friday, September 11, 2020

See the unseen of Bahrain

Lets walk through the beautiful island called " Bahrain" .
We took the journey with our local friends.  
We had visited famous historical places of this island& explore the architectural treasures .

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Passion for kite flying in air -Basant

Basant, a spring festive or Jashan-e Baharan ,spring celebration

                                  Passion for kite flying in air

Heritage  includes events, festivals, celebrations, personalities, cultures, customs, tradition,  language, art, architect, etc. Pakistan has many hertiages attractions  & festivals to celebate through out the year.Basant is one of them.this is a beautiful event with sky flooded with kites. For this occasion men drape themseves in embroidered shalwar kameeze(local dress) with matching ankle-length scarve mostly in yellow color and on the other hand womenfolk apply heena on  their handsand stack their arms with banglesand dress in bright color of yellow or green.

 In early March to welcome the arrival of spring the Basant ( Kite flying ) festival is held in most cities of the Pakistan with the highlight in Lahore . In the subcontinent and China kites have been used in different form since ancient times. From 100 BC to AD 500, kites were used for sending signals and to measure the distance of enemy camps. In AD 930, the Japanese mentioned Shiroshi, meaning paper bird, for the first time. Between AD 960 to AD 1126, kite flying became a popular sport in China. The ninth day of the ninth month was a day when kites were flown to banish evil.

As the month of March approches a air of basant carnival ,stories of kite flying,rooftop soirees,garden parties and flowers blooming everywhere.The ancient eastern city of Lahore marks the beginning of spring with the Basant carnival is most celebrated and watched but whole country also participated.lets go back to the history when nighttime kite-flying in the walled old quarter around the 16th century Badshahi mosque and Lahore fort opens the festival. Ancient mughal palaces throw open their doors for all-night parties to view the kites, illuminated by and then slashing the sky with specail  classical Qawali musicians at a days same old tradition take place when white paper kites shimmer in the night sky, diving and soaring as rival fliers joust in duels marked by battle cries of Pecha!(twist) and victory shouts of voh kata!(cut off) Bursts of drums and trumpets mark the cutting of a kite's cord.during this season there use to be a lot of rush at kite shops, especially in old Lahore and Karachi  Empress market as children and men gathered to purchase their favourite coloured kites and string. The festival is a part of the country culture. A number of special dishes are also prepared for the occasion. Basant is an event of colors and lights. The dance of kites in lights would be visible to everyone who would look up at the sky. In Pakistani old towns and cities, where there is less open space, terraces and rooftops are often used for the kite competations. It is more colourful in the old city of Lahore where everyone wears yellow clothes and flies kites from the rooftops. People from different cities throng to Lahore, where kite flying begins at dawn and continues until the dusk. Friends, neighbors and visitors battle one another for victory and cries of  triumph fill the air when one cuts the kite string of the another kite flyer. The kites are in a variety of shapes , size and different colours. From huge kites which need three to four people to fly to tiny ones for the kids. So in short one can say that happiness can be found in sharing and enjoying this simple occaision with laughter and happiness .

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hand embroidery

Hand embroidery on tunic using button hole stitch and french knot then add mirror in flower center.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

East World Market Studio

East World Market
hand embroidery using stitches buttonhole & shadow work.